The third WP differs somewhat from the other WP by the nature of the work carried out, but is no less complementary to the project in its whole. It was conceived in order to offer a first historical interpretation of the sources collated in the first WP database, through the compilation of a Christian prosopography of the Lower Danube. As the very first phase of a complete Christian prosopography of the Balkan Late Roman provinces, that part of the project will also constitute the foundation for a historical study of the ancient ecclesiastical organisation in the region. The results will be produced in two formats. First, a computer database is planned for the period between the 3rd century and 787 (the year of the Second Council of Nicea, which is the last known event during which clerics of this territory attended as members of the Byzantine ecclesiastical hierarchy). Second, a printed edition will be derived from that database. It will stop in the year 641. That printed version will be part of the Prosopographie chrétienne du Bas-Empire (PCBE) series.

Ultimately, the expected volumes are:

Dioecesis Thraciarum, Cherronesus Taurica, Bosphorus Cimmerius et Zechia

Dioecesis Daciae et Dacia Traiana

Dioecesis Illyrici et Provincia Rhaetia