The HAEMUS International Network project received initial funding

An international network project, entitled HAEMUS and focusing on the archeology, history and epigraphy of the Balkans and the surrounding lands in Late Antiquity (3rd-8th centuries) is currently being created. It will bring together several institutions and many researchers around the world. The principal investigator of the DANUBIUS project, Dominic Moreau, was chosen by the […]

Lecture on Zaldapa at the SFAC

La forteresse tardo-antique de Zaldapa (Bulgarie) : bilan des deux premières saisons de la Mission archéologique internationale By: Dominic Moreau, Maîtres de conférences in Late Antiquity, Université de Lille / UMR 8164-HALMA Nicolas Beaudry, Professor of History and Archaeology, Université du Québec à Rimouski / Laboratoire d’archéologie et de patrimoine Within the Conférences de la […]

The international symposium “A Danubio ad Gothiam” has been again postponed

The international symposium “A Danubio ad Gothiam. La christianisation du Nord-Ouest de la Mer Noire dans l’Antiquité tardive – The Christianisation of North-Western Black Sea during Late Antiquity”, organised by Dominic Moreau and Radu Petcu,in collaboration with the Museum of National History and Archeology of Constanța, with the support of the University of Lille and […]