The international symposium “A Danubio ad Gothiam” has been again postponed

The international symposium “A Danubio ad Gothiam. La christianisation du Nord-Ouest de la Mer Noire dans l’Antiquité tardive – The Christianisation of North-Western Black Sea during Late Antiquity”, organised by Dominic Moreau and Radu Petcu,in collaboration with the Museum of National History and Archeology of Constanța, with the support of the University of Lille and […]

Programme of the 7th Seminar sur Constantinople in Late Antiquity “Constantinople, du Danube à l’Euphrate et au Tigre”

7th Seminar of the UMR 8164-HALMA and the DANUBIUS on Constantinople in Late Antiquity, organised in collaboration with project EX PATRIA and directed by: Dominic Moreau, Maître de conférences (Assoc. Prof.), Late Antiquity Ekaterina Nechaeva, Principal Investigator of the EX PATRIA Project (I-SITE ULNE) with the collaboration of Javier Arce, Professor Emeritus, Roman Archaeology From […]