Exhibition “Arrêt poteries”, Musée de la vie frontalière de Godewaersvelde (France), 1 April-31 October 2017


The exhibition “Arrêt poteries”, which was entirely produced and designed by a student of the Master’s degree “Patrimoine et Musées” of the University of Lille (Aurélien Nicole) puts into context Roman pottery which was seized by the French custom officers in Dunkirk in 2011 and 2013. A close collaboration with scholars from the DANUBIUS Project, the research centre HALMA–UMR 8164 (CNRS, Univ. Lille, MC), the Research Centre on Antiquity of Southeastern Europe of the University of Warsaw, the Bulgarian Archaeological Association and the University of Leicester allowed the identification of these objects, as well as of their origin: Bulgaria, most probably Ratiaria-Archar and/or Novae-Svichtov. Aside from the contribution to the knowledge of the pieces exhibited, which are put in parallel with regional discoveries, in order to highlight everyday life on the borders of the Roman Empire, this exhibition also recalls the actions undertaken by the French public authorities for the preservation of cultural heritage.

Curators of the exhibition: Patrick Talleu and Aurélien Nicole.

Production and Design: Aurélien Nicole.

Scientific Coordination: Dominic Moreau (University of Lille / UMR 8164–HALMA), with the collaboration of Xavier Deru (University of Lille / UMR 8164–HALMA), Piotr Dyczek and Janusz Recław (Research Centre on Antiquity of Southeastern Europe of the University of Warsaw), Krassimira Luka (Bulgarian Archaeological Association), and Philip J.E. Mills (University of Leicester).

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